Shante Benson Helps Motivated Women Get Started In The Growing Purse Party Industry

PRESS RELEASE: Vallejo CA, 25-NOVEMBER-2010 – Shante Benson is pleased to announce the opportunity for women interested in a purse home business to participate in a handbag-based party package opportunity. Low starter kit prices and no annual membership fees make this business easy to initiate and continue.

Handbags sold at a party offer plenty of options for attendees. The party atmosphere means there is no stress or pressure to buy. The relaxed opportunity to browse the latest fashions in handbags and other accessories helps the buyers to find the right look for any occasion.

The options available for women participating in party shopping for handbags include leather and faux leather as well as suede and sequins. The line of products is wide ranging with picks in handbags, wallets, jewelry and children’s bags.

Learn more about becoming a consultant and how the position can be used to provide a career that combines independence, financial freedom and fashion by checking out the website at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the website or about the information in this press release may contact Benson at the location provided below.

Contact Name: Shante Benson

Company Name: Purse Party Package

Address: 145 Plaza Drive Suite 207 #555, Vallejo, CA 94591

Telephone: 877.255.6413



Shante Benson and purse home business package offers all the components and information to help home-based entrepreneurs establish and make a success of a new entrepreneurial venture hostessing parties for friends and acquaintances.

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Gain Financial Independence With A Purse Party Business With The Help Of An Entrepreneur

A new type of home business to gain popularity in recent years is known as a purse home business. They are ideal because they provide you with a substantial income, yet still give you time to spend with your family or friends. Here are a few of the basics to having your first purse party.

To put it in it’s simplest form, a purse party is simply a group of women, friends, or social acquaintances gathered together in one place while purses and fashion accessories are laid out for purchase. Think of the Tupperware parties of the 90’s. The purses are brought by the purse consultant (you), and is either hosted by the same person or hosted by a friend.

Most of the wares available at a purse party will be purses similar to designer purses, but with a more reasonable price. Care should be taken to not try to pass off normal purses as designer ones, as this is illegal.

As designer purses are in high demand, they are also subject to counterfeit quite often, so if you’re invited to a purse party advertising designer purses, be absolutely sure that they are not stolen or fake before purchasing.

With this in mind, remember that a knock off of a designer purse is in fact 100% legal. As long as it doesn’t have the logo or the designer’s signature, and it’s not claiming to be something it’s not, it is OK to sell. A lot of companies actually make it their business to use the exact same design as a more popular purse manufacturer.

If you choose to sell these imitations rather than the legitimate versions (which is much more economically feasible for many), simply make it clear that these purses were inspired by or a tribute to the original designer. And always, always, make sure you deal with a reputable seller when buying your wholesale purses.

A purse home business offers financial independence with a innovative party plan idea. There are more details to be found at .

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How An Entrepreneur Provides Tools And Knowledge To Start Your Own Purse Party Business

A purse home business is the best way for individuals to transition from working outside the home to working for themselves. Because of the constant demand for new purses, it is a great market to venture into. Every woman has a few purses for every outfit and a purse party business will capitalize on this.

Purse parties are very popular because women are always looking for a new purse. A group of women gather at a home or venue. They are interested in locating affordable and chic purses. This relaxed atmosphere is a good networking opportunity to expand the purse party business.

One important factor is to find reliable purse suppliers. It is imperative to locate wholesale suppliers that provide the best deals. Wholesale suppliers provide fashion purses, brand name handbags, designer purses, and replica designer purses. These suppliers become the basis for any purse party. Customers pay for orders in advance, it is therefore essential to locate suppliers provide deliveries on schedule.

Although the business owner is ultimately responsible for deciding what purses to showcase, it is also necessary to inquire if the guests have any specific purse preferences. If the guests are into designer replica handbags, it is imperative to make those the focus. In the end, guests really want to see stylish, quality purses at good prices.

Always have a good environment that cultivates shopping. The individuals will make money, have continual business, and hopefully be able to book more purse parties in the future. Make sure to send out an inviting notice with all the detailed information about the party.

A purse home business is the best way to have fun and a earn money. With the right tools, anyone can set up a purse party business and make money. It is a viable business option that enables individuals to get an income while still having time to pursue other interests.

If you enjoy hostessing parties, a purse home business might be a good fit for you. Learn more about income opportunities by visiting the website at .

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Home Business Success with Purse Parties – Shante Benson

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Hosting Purse Parties for Profits – Shante Benson

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Entrepreneur, Shante Benson, Offers Success Opportunity With A Purse Home Business

PRESS RELEASE: Vallejo, CA, 20-OCT-2010: Shante Benson, Entrepreneur is pleased to announce the opportunity that will give an individual looking for an exciting home business opportunity the chance they have been looking for! Shante provides all of the training, education and resources needed to build a thriving business doing something fun and exciting.

When a person is looking for a way to increase their income, a purse home business is a great option. Shante has designed a business model that is very easy to duplicate and provides the highest quality purses for a fraction of the price that an individual will find in other areas.

The training and education provided will give even a novice entrepreneur the ability to build a solid and thriving business with no difficulty and there is 24/7 support that will answer questions or help you with issues that may arise. The business tools include a manual which will walk you through each step of party planning and organizing your business to achieve your goals and objectives within the timeframe you have established.

You can get more details and information about the training and steps that Shante Benson provides to people wanting to start their own purse home business by visiting today! The following contact information is available to members of the press who would like additional information with regard to this specific release.

Purse Party Package

145 Plaza Drive Suite 207 #555, Vallejo, CA 94591

Telephone: 877.255.6413


Summary: Shante Benson is bringing the perfect opportunity for a lucrative income to anyone looking for a work from home business that will be fun and allow you to create several different income streams with your purse home business. The people who have taken advantage of the opportunities offered by Shante have found that they are able to enjoy working their own hours and building a thriving business.

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A Hassle And Worry Free Business With Purse Party Package

Jobs are scarce today and finding work can leave you stressed and worried. This is a wonderful time to begin your own business and bring unlimited opportunities to your door. Begin a purse home business and help women accentuate your wardrobe with fashionable accessories with easy parties that are fun and make you money.

Women use purses as more than just something to carry their things. This is a way for them to show their spirit and who they are. This desire will allow for you to bring your business to them and create opportunity for a lucrative income. Having purse parties are fun, bring new customers and potential friends into your lifestyle, and allow for you to work your own hours.

The closets of women are full of their purses which is where they can truly express themselves. No matter what manner of dress they have to wear in their work or daily business they can show their spice and excitement in their purse choices. You can see the trends and deliver them to women in your area and make money being up on style and trends.

The internet is the go to location to find the products you wish to sell. Many companies are producing purses of great quality at low prices. Having a retail license will mean you can purchase them at lower wholesale prices and then mark them up to retail. This markup is where you make a profit and bring money into your business.

First step is to get business cards and marketing materials that you can pass out to potential clients. Next go to locations where women congregate and talk to them and pass out your information. Ask your friends to host parties at yours or their home and meet new possible clients. Or get involved with local organizations and purchase display tables at their events.

With your own purse home business you can add freedom and money to your life. You are the boss and what you sell is up to you. Have fun selling interesting, exciting, and cutting edge products and see all the money you can bring in to your life.

A purse home business offers you a home business with the added benefit of a party where your product is sold. You can learn more about the program at the website found at .

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