Make Money From Home With Purse Parties

Starting your own Purse Home Business can be both fun and profitable. A girl can never have enough bags; therefore, the market is wide open. Additionally, it is a fun business to have, as there are so many ways to market your wares. The purses, or bags, can be obtained from online wholesalers and re-sold at a profit to your friends, family and acquaintances. You are bound to receive referrals and suggestions as to many different ways to sell your bags.

Online or offline wholesalers have a wide selection of bags and accessories, including designer pieces. You can obtain them at wholesale rates and add a profit. Working from home, you should not have a large overhead.

There are endless options for selling the bags. Purse parties are the latest trend and within that, there are different options. Many people visit weekend markets and that makes it a great way to expose your goods to many people at once.

Once you have your stock on hand, you can invite a few friends by email or by phone to your purse party. Create a nice display of your goods and accessories using flowers, pieces of fabric or actual clothes. If you do not want to put price tags on the purses, you could arrange them by price, along with other items in that price range. Play some light music to lighten the mood.

Snacks and beverages will help everyone feel comfortable. A light champagne brunch, finger foods or sundowners will be ideal. Be sure that the food is not messy so that guests do not touch your bags with messy hands. While the guests enjoy their refreshments, you could tell them about the brand, the quality of the items and the features.

The simplicity of the Purse Home Business allows it to be done around your schedule. It has a rather low start up investment and a low running cost. Provided the bags are of good quality, you can rely on repeat orders.

A purse home business is the enjoyable task of selling fashion handbags at a home party venue. You can learn how to take advantage of this opportunity when you visit the website at .


About Shante Benson

I'll be 31 in August. I started in business young selling womens clothing at 17 while helping all of my friends start business as well. I built my first web site when I was 18 and it was alright for a beginner but I kept at it and got better. Then my friends started asking me to build their sites, and then they started referring people to me, so naturally I turned it into a business. I started a web development company that went very well for about 7 years. Then I decided to focus on fashion and helping other women earn money at the same time. A friend and I were living in New Jersey and all of our friends kept asking us to bring them handbags from NY, I was not thrilled when I saw what type of bags they wanted (knock offs). So I decided to start educating people about how its not right to buy these bags because in the end you are stealing from a company who worked very hard to build a name. Then I decided to start Purse Party Package to fulfill the need of women to make money and look good without compromising their integrity, or wearing a horribly made noticeable knock off handbag. I grew up bi-costal, born in NY and live in CA. I'm a self taught Web Designer, I love all types of music accept metal and only some tech-no, my favorite music is gospel and r&b. My favorite TV shows are Drop Dead Diva, Touched By An Angel, Star Track and anything like it. I don't have any children yet but I'm hopeful for a husband soon. I enjoy traveling the world. Asia is my favorite vacation destination so far. I hope to be able to bring peoples dreams to reality by giving them the blue print to a successful home business that they can use to bring peace of mind and financial growth to their lives.
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