PRESS RELEASE: Shante Benson Offers A New Purse Party Home Business Opportunity

Vallejo, CA 06/23 – Purse Party Package is happy to announce the new business opportunity it is offering for anyone who is interested in making money with Purse Parties. This Purse home business gives everyone a chance to earn money right from the comfort of their own home.

Purses come in several variations. Also referred to as handbags, their size can be anywhere from small clutches to large bags. There are different designs and styles when it comes to handbags. They are most commonly used by the female population, who use the bags to carry personal items like wallets, keys, cosmetics and other grooming equipment as well as certain feminine products. Smaller techie gadgets such as cellular phones and the likes are also commonly found in women’s purses.

The typical variations of purses include but are not limited to the clutch, tote and security bag. The clutch normally has no handles and is meant to be held or grasped in one’s hand. The larger clutches usually come with a short handle that provides the ability to grasp the clutch or hold it by the handles. The tote is larger and has two handles. A more modern variation is the manbag or murse, which is the male version of the handbag. It serves as an alternative for the usual backpack for men.

Since purses are highly popular especially within the female population, there are different businesses revolving around the sale of handbags. These fashionable items go beyond their functional purpose and are great for making an impression as well. Because of this, more and more women are starting to discover different ways of making more money using handbags.

There are different ways to spread the handbag love around. After all, women cannot resist the charm these pretty things have to offer. Getting into the business of handbags is not really that hard.

To learn more about this, visit Press members may contact the following for details about this release.

Contact Person: Shante Benson

Company Name: Purse Party Package

Address: 145 Plaza Drive Suite 207 #555, Vallejo CA 94591

Contact Number: 877-855-6413


Purse Party Package gives everyone a chance to earn money from the comfort of home. It provides a new home business opportunity with its new purse parties.


About Shante Benson

I'll be 31 in August. I started in business young selling womens clothing at 17 while helping all of my friends start business as well. I built my first web site when I was 18 and it was alright for a beginner but I kept at it and got better. Then my friends started asking me to build their sites, and then they started referring people to me, so naturally I turned it into a business. I started a web development company that went very well for about 7 years. Then I decided to focus on fashion and helping other women earn money at the same time. A friend and I were living in New Jersey and all of our friends kept asking us to bring them handbags from NY, I was not thrilled when I saw what type of bags they wanted (knock offs). So I decided to start educating people about how its not right to buy these bags because in the end you are stealing from a company who worked very hard to build a name. Then I decided to start Purse Party Package to fulfill the need of women to make money and look good without compromising their integrity, or wearing a horribly made noticeable knock off handbag. I grew up bi-costal, born in NY and live in CA. I'm a self taught Web Designer, I love all types of music accept metal and only some tech-no, my favorite music is gospel and r&b. My favorite TV shows are Drop Dead Diva, Touched By An Angel, Star Track and anything like it. I don't have any children yet but I'm hopeful for a husband soon. I enjoy traveling the world. Asia is my favorite vacation destination so far. I hope to be able to bring peoples dreams to reality by giving them the blue print to a successful home business that they can use to bring peace of mind and financial growth to their lives.
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